Major General Bruce conducts CCF Inspection

19th June 2023
BY Noah Hensher, Head of Army Section and Dariusz Szwajkowski, CCF Contingent Commander

On 14 June Winchester College CCF had its Biannual Inspection. The inspecting officer was Major General Bruce, a member of the Scots Guards. He was greeted in the morning by CCF staff and hosted by WOs Bate and Hamsher where they attended a welcome event at 1240 with the Headmaster and guests. Following the event there was a Drill display which was delivered impeccably by cadets from all sections, who had been training for weeks to perfect it. The Major General then presented WOs Bate and Hamsher with their certificates of selection for officer training at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst.

The afternoon's events opened with the Field Gun race and other demonstrations by the cadets. After the gun run the Major General went on to observe the Marine's CQB demonstration, and the Navy's demonstration of a section attack and target indication on a paintball range, showcasing their marksmanship skills. The RAF conducted a reconnaissance and communications demonstration using drones and radios to show how drones can be utilised to identify targets on the ground. Lastly, the Army worked with the RAF section to conduct a section attack using the information gathered by the drone reconnaissance.

The afternoon concluded with the whole corps parade. The Major General praised all CCF cadets and staff on what they have achieved on the day and the high standards they presented. This was the first inspection since 2019 due to pandemic restrictions and all CCF cadets and staff worked extremely hard to ensure the day was successful. Their efforts paid off and the day was a resounding success.

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